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My Pallet Supply Our Product Leading pallet supplier and pallet management services provider in Johor Bahru (JB) Malaysia. We supply New & Recycle Wooden Pallet ,New and Recycle Plastic Pallet , 2 ways , 4 ways wooden pallets, plywood pallets, pinewood pallets and Crate , boxex etc. Custom Made Pallets
of All Sizes
Design Your Pallet Size Tailor to Suit Your Business Needs and Requirements
Second-Hand /
Recycle Pallets Supplier
Sell Your Recycle Pallet To Us We provide quality recycle pallets for companies who choose to buy more affordable pallets for cost saving. And We also Buying recycle Pallet who those willing to sell us.
Years Of Experience
Satisfied Clients
Finished Projects
Employees Worldwide


Besides pallet products, My Pallet Supply provides professional and skilled services to cater all kinds of customers' needs in their shipping process. 

Design Your Own Pallet Size

Heat Treatment & Kiln Dry

We Buy Recycle Plastic Pallet

About us

My Pallet Supply, a company founded at Johor in year 2001 has 20 years of experiences in pallet supplying, trading, making and repairing. We are known to be a leading and experienced pallet supplier in Malaysia. Apart from that, we are a professional pallet management services provider, who offers services such as custom make pallets, pallets repairing and pallets trading.

With years of operation and hard works, what makes My Pallet Supply very valuable is that we never lose our core values and commitment to excellence in order to give our customers the best pallet solution. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Orders can be placed directly online on selected products or by sending our orders department an email to: mypalletsupply@gmail.com or even giving us a call via +60186679666.

Delivery is free providing you spend RM_____ or more including SST. Otherwise a RM______ delivery charge will be applied.

Please note an additional delivery charge may have to be applied for deliveries in the _____________ (what area?).

Providing the products are in stock when ordered, delivery will take between 1 and 3 working days (depending on the delivery method you have selected).


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