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Buying Second Hand / Collection of Used Pallets

Although pallets are made of different materials such as plastic and aluminium, wood is the most common and most preferred material used in pallet construction especially in food and beverages industry. Pallets are welcomed for storage and even merchandise maintaining containers. My Pallet Supply provides the reliable platform for you to buy a second hand or used pallets. 

Custom-made Pallets of All Sizes

My Pallet Supply offers a flexible service that companies can customize and order pallets based on their own needs such as the sizes, capacity, materials and more. With wealth experience and professions, we guarantees a high-quality product with accurate measurements to satisfy our customers. 

Repair Broken Pallets

My Pallet Supply offers a convenient and affordable service to help companies to repair broken pallets. We will give consultation and help to check if the pallets can still be reused first before repairing. With advanced technology and professional technicians, we have helped many companies to make their pallets useful again in the shortest period.

Trading of Plastic Pallets

Our plastic pallets are made from good quality HD-PE material. They are suitable for many shipping applications, especially those wet and damp goods. As the first choice for worldwide export, our plastic pallets are manufactured to the best quality with the highest shock resistance and durability. 


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