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Trading of Plastic Pallets

Our plastic pallets are made from good quality HD-PE material. They are suitable for many shipping applications, especially those wet and damp goods. As the first choice for worldwide export, our plastic pallets are manufactured to the best quality with the highest shock resistance and durability. 

Benefits of Plastic Pallets

Water Resistant

Plastic pallet is well known as a damp, mould and water resistant pallet. It is useful and more preferred by business with damp goods, especially food and beverages industry. 


Plastic pallet is more durable than wood pallets. It is weather resistant, acids and alkaline resistant. 

ECO Friendly

Our plastic pallets are made of food-grade virgin plastic or high quality ECO regranulate, therefore they are environmental friendly.

High Shock Resistance

Plastic pallets are manufactured using advanced technology which guarantees high load capacity, good impact and excellent shock resistance. 

Easy to Clean

Plastic pallets are easy to be cleaned and washed. Therefore, it is easier to remain hygienic to store goods. 

Light Weight

Plastic pallets are light weight and easy to be carried. It can reduce the burden of shipping.

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